sound and color: exploring time and place on the lake champlain waterfront

Artists: Jenn Karson and Matt Larson
This project is ongoing, exploring six sites on Lake Champlain

• Essex, NY
• Port Kent, NY
• Burlington, VT
• Chimney Point, VT
• Champlain Islands, VT,
• Venise-en-Quebec or Philipsburg, QC


Spring 2010
Current site: Burlington, VT

Lake Champlain is a place of global history and natural beauty. Its cultural communities have included
the native Abnaki, early French & British settlers and presently Burlington is a place of
Asian and African refugee resettlement programs. Lake Champlain’s waters empty into the Atlantic Ocean.
Traffic from Burlington’s international airport is a dominant element of the Lake’s soundscape. Accompanying
its cultural communities are its natural communities. Spring in Vermont is always a dynamic season, a
combination of snowfall and snow melt, mud and ice, rain, sleet, sun and frost. It is a time when people
and the animals who made their way south for the winter, return. Currently, the weather in the area is
more turbulent than usual as the northeast region of the United States is experiencing record flooding
and temperatures.

Sound and Color: Exploring Time and Place on the Lake Champlain Waterfront is an exploration of
these natures and cultures that are the Lake Champlain Waterfront.

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